SouthScout represents property owners, both residential and commercial, who are interested in renting their property for filming. Location managers and other members of production crews contact SouthScout when they are in search of a particular Georgia location for filming, whether it be a feature film, TV show, commercial or print ad. With our extensive database of exclusive properties, Southscout makes it easy for location managers to find properties that match their criteria and are open to filming - saving them time and money. SouthScout represents the property owner throughout the entire process. We negotiate the terms of the contract with the production company, handle all the logistics associated with filming and are on site throughout filming to ensure the protection and safe keeping of the home or business.

We represent a wide variety of properties, mostly in Georgia. We are always looking for commercial properties, retail stores, restaurants, galleries, farms, interesting outdoor areas and all types of residences - extravagant and modest, old and new.

If you would like your property to be considered, please email us at hello@southscout.com for consideration. There is no charge to be represented by SouthScout.

You can email us at sharena@southscout.com or by calling 404-454-6621.

Proud Business Member of LMGI